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BLUE MACHINES offers the best aluminium CNC service with qualified engineers capable of producing functional aluminum prototypes or custom aluminium parts in small or big batches using advanced CNC machining methods.

  • An excellent aluminium CNC service provider that works best with aluminum grades such as 3003, 6061, 5052, 6063, etc.
  • Provides the most effective aluminium CNC service machining operations such as turning, milling, drilling, and so on.
  • BLUE provides a low-cost aluminium CNC service with the capability of producing highly functional aluminum prototypes or production runs.
  • It has quality-controlled processes that guarantee superb aluminium CNC service.
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    Quality of Aluminium CNC Service Offered

    For almost a decade, BLUE MACHINES has specialized in providing exceptional aluminium CNC service, featuring diverse aluminium machining techniques. BLUE aluminium CNC service is trusted by industries including biomedical, automotive, electronics, aeronautics, etc.

    BLUE MACHINESCHINAS' Successful Aluminum Service Company

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    Get the most reasonable aluminium CNC service that is more appropriate, and reliable generating best results that correspond to customer specification.

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    BLUE provides cost-effective aluminium CNC service with multiple machining operations including turning, milling, lathing, grinding, drilling, and so on.

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    BLUE MACHINES offers highly efficient custom CNC machining services, with superior reliability of each aluminum machined component.

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    Get the most advanced CNC engineering services with BLUE MACHINES that offers CAD/CAM programming, 3D CAD modeling, 3D printing, and other related engineering services.

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    You can acquire cheap aluminium CNC service at BLUE MACHINES, producing machined products that conform with its ISO 9001:2015 standard quality.

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    BLUE offers an innovative 5-axis aluminium CNC service that works best with complicated shapes or dimensions according to customers’ design specifications.

    Custom CNC Service 7-1

    BLUE MACHINES has over ten years of experience in providing custom aluminium CNC service that includes prototype machining, custom parts with a tight tolerance of +/-.001mm.

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    BLUE is the most competent and effective titanium CNC service supplier, dealing with various grades of titanium or titanium alloys.

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    The best aluminium CNC service is provided by BLUE MACHINES with diverse machining operations, including milling, turning, face milling, high-speed cutting material, grinding, etc.

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    BLUE is committed to providing comprehensive aluminium CNC service to industries including automotive, electronics, medical, robotics, etc.

    Aluminum CNC Milling Service Image 11-1

    BLUE offers comprehensive aluminum CNC milling services that produce high precision and full-functional aluminum prototypes or custom machined parts.

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    BLUE offers aluminum CNC machining parts providing the best results in a shorter lead time production.

    Why Choose BLUE Aluminium Service Factory?

    BLUE MACHINES, an SGS approved factory and ISO certified, constantly delivers excellent aluminium CNC service. It also has quality processes that ensure all products are manufactured with zero defects.

    It provides exclusive aluminium CNC service and specialized engineering that relatively tests and verify dimensions that match client specifications.

    Contact BLUE MACHINES to learn more details about CNC aluminum machining services offered.

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    Successful Projects Developed by BLUE Aluminium CNC Service Supplier

    Aluminium CNC Service For Shock Absorber Image 1
    Shock Absorber
    BLUE, a China CNC service company, produced high precision shock absorbers and wheel adapters.
    Aluminium CNC Service For Car Tuning Image 2
    ATV Car
    BLUE CNC machining China manufactures car tuning components with more beneficial attributes.
    Aluminium CNC Service For Gear Box Image 3
    Gear Box
    BLUE, a CNC shop and service company, produced a high-quality gearbox built from highly tolerant raw material.
    Aluminium CNC Service For Engineering Hook Image 4
    Engineering Hook
    This technical hook machined with a 5-axis CNC machining center was manufactured at BLUE owned CNC milling service in China.
    Aluminium CNC Service For Gym Jump Rope Image 5
    GYM Jump Rope
    Gym jump rope handle is made of solid stainless steel machined on a 4&5-axis CNC machining center.
    Aluminium CNC Service For Media Display Image 6
    Media Display
    This high-quality media display is produced by BLUE MACHINES, a CNC machining service supplier.
    Aluminium CNC Service For Motor Image 7
    Wiper Motor
    These corrosion-resistant engine shafts are produced by BLUE, with online CNC machining services in China.
    Aluminium CNC Service For Medical Devices Image 8
    Medical Devices
    BLUE MACHINES is a reputable manufacturer of medical devices & other medical equipment with excellent surface treatment.

    CHINAS' Reliable Aluminium CNC Service Company

    China CNC Service Workshop Image 1-1
    China CNC Service
    CNC Service Company Workshop Image 2-3
    CNC Service Company
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    CNC Shop and Service
    CNC Machining China Workshop Image 4-1
    CNC Machining China
    CNC Milling Service China Workshop Image 5
    CNC Milling Service China
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    CNC Machining Service China
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    CNC Machining Service Supplier
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    Online CNC Machining Services China
    Aluminium CNC Service Cert 1
    BV Audited Supplier
    Aluminium CNC Service Cert 2
    ISO 9001:2015 Certificate
    Aluminium CNC Service Cert 3
    SGS Approved Factory
    Aluminium CNC Service Production Flow Image 1
    Aluminium CNC Service Production Flow Image 2
    Aluminium CNC Service Production Flow Image 3
    Aluminium CNC Service Production Flow Image 4
    Aluminium CNC Service Production Flow Image 5
    Aluminium CNC Service Production Flow Image 6
    Aluminium CNC Service Process Control Image 1
    Aluminium CNC Service Process Control Image 2
    Aluminum CNC Service Process Control Image 3
    Aluminium CNC Service Process Control Image 4
    Aluminium CNC Service Process Control Image 5
    Aluminium CNC Service Process Control Image 6
    Aluminum Copper Stainless Steel Alloy Steel Titanium Plastic
    2024 Copper 101 SAE 201 20# Steel
    (SAE 1020)
    CP4 (Grade 1) UPE
    5052 Brass C260 SAE 303 45# Steel
    (SAE 1045)
    CP3 (Grade 2) POM
    6061 Copper C110 SAE 304 SAE 1215 CP2  (Grade 3) PA66
    6063 Bronze C932
    (SAE 660)
    SAE 316L 40Cr
    (SAE 5140)
    CP1 (Grade 4) PP
    7050 Brass H59-2
    (UNS 35300)
    SAE 430 SAE 4130 TC4 (Grade 5) ON
    7075 Brass H62
    (UNS C28000)
    SAE 440 42CrMo
    (SAE 4140)
    Grade 6 PETE
    Brass HPb63-3
    (UNS 34500)
    (SAE 630)
    (SAE 1065)
    Grade 7 ABS
    A380 SAF 2205 20CrNiMo
    (SAE 8620)
    Grade 11
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    Aluminium CNC Service For Rowa Logo 2
    Aluminium CNC Service For Honda Logo 3
    Aluminium CNC Service For Trico Logo 4
    Aluminium CNC Service For Concentric Logo 5
    Aluminium CNC Service For GKN Logo 6

    Get the Most Economical Aluminium CNC Service

    Generally, BLUE MACHINES has the most economical aluminium CNC service provider in China that uses modernized multi-axis CNC machines producing high-precision aluminium parts.

    CNC aluminium machining parts, among other metals, are more pliable and chemically resistant.

    BLUE MACHINES, offers an efficient aluminium CNC service that can quickly produce short-run aluminum prototypes, customized parts, or components.

    It also has a quality management team that strictly inspects and tests all products for accuracy and functionality.

    With high quality, on-time delivery, and outstanding aluminium CNC service, BLUE MACHINES certainly provides benefits to their clients.

    BLUE MACHINES maintains its strategic advantage in providing aluminium CNC service with a sustained commitment to innovate its machining techniques delivering high-quality products with demanding geometries.

    In addition, it also has manufacturing experts with a capacity for producing intricate designs and professional engineers that use CAD/CAM software for product design and assessment.

    You can also get quality customized CNC aluminum machining parts with exact specifications. Aluminium or aluminium alloys are commonly used in various applications because of their malleability, strength, and versatility.

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