With Proven Expertise in Brass Machining

BLUE MACHINES has over ten years of experience and evident competence in brass machining, allowing the company to provide high-precision brass parts and components that perfectly meet your specifications.

  • BLUE integrates lathe and mill processes for precision brass machining.
  • It has a reliable engineering team with essential skills and knowledge in brass machining to process simple and complex designs.
  • Capable of brass machining prototypes or total production runs in a fast turnaround.
  • Its’ large facility equipped with advanced CNC brass machining technology to ensure high-precision products produced.
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    BLUE MACHINES Potential as Brass Machining Company

    BLUE MACHINES uses computerized brass machining tools to create and shape material that generates highly accurate brass parts.

    BLUE enhanced brass machining production capacitated from the corner dimension of copper profiles by integrating copper smelting, casting, shaping, and back-end finishing and continuously adopting new international testing equipment like the spectrometer and hardness tester.

    BLUE MACHINESAdept Brass Machining Factory in China

    CNC Milling Brass Image 1-1

    BLUE offers CNC milling brass with incredible surface finishing, high corrosion resistance, and better functionality.

    Brass CNC Cutting Service Image 2

    You can get high-quality brass CNC cutting services with reduced cost and chooses the exemplary CNC machining operation to ameliorate brass cutting.

    CNC Machine For Brass Image 3

    BLUE MACHINES has the perfect CNC machine for brass machining that is strong enough to withstand mechanical cutting forces.

    Brass CNC Cutting Image 4

    BLUE offers brass CNC cutting services competitively priced utilizing CNC router with automated controlling spindles, laser cutting, carving.


    Brass Machining Image 5

    You can benefit from BLUE MACHINES brass machining services that effectively produce brass parts’ exact dimensions.

    CNC Brass Image 6

    BLUE offers various CNC brass manufacturing phases, including mechanical working, engraving, polishing, assembling, brass casting, and so on.

    Brass Lathe Image 7

    BLUE MACHINES’ is outfitted with modern CNC lathe machines with the swiftness to cut brass precisely and effortlessly.

    Brass turning Image 8

    BLUE delivers the most experienced brass turning services, resulting in high-quality turned brass components.

    Brass Turned Parts Image 9

    BLUE guarantees that you will get zero defect bass turned parts that have been produced using the most up-to-date brass machining technology.

    Turning Brass On a Lathe Image 10

    Turning brass on a lathe can be convenient if managed and operated adequately with the necessary machine tooling equipment.

    Brass CNC turned Parts Image 11

    BLUE manufactures low-cost brass CNC turned components with good wear resistance and outstanding usability.

    Brass CNC Image 12

    BLUE MACHINES produces brass CNC machining components that are malleable and hugely beneficial for machinery that requires minimal friction.

    Why Choose BLUE MACHINES Brass Machining?

    BLUE MACHINES experienced machinists ensure that the most refined grade copper and zinc alloys produce heat and corrosion-resistant brass components.

    Likewise, it features modern brass CNC machining technology to achieve absolute precision and reproducibility.

    Also, combine brass machining processes with a lathe and mill to machine brass components.

    Send inquiry now to get the most of BLUE brass machining services.

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    Successful Projects Completed By BLUE MACHINES Brass Machining Company

    Brass Machining For Shock Absorber Image 1
    Shock Absorber
    BLUE CNC turned parts manufacturer offers cost-efficient and tight tolerance of shock and wheel adjustments.
    Brass Machining For Car Turning Image 2
    ATV Car
    BLUE CNC turning parts in China provide car tuning components' best qualities based on its advanced processes.
    Brass Machining For Gear Box Image 3
    Gear Box
    The gearbox is a high-quality BLUE CNC parts supplier product made of tightly tolerant aluminum material.
    Brass Machining For Engineering Hook Image 4
    Engineering Hook
    Professional engineer at BLUE MACHINES processed technical hook's complexity with a 5-axis machining center.
    Brass Machining For Gym Jump Rope Image 5
    GYM Jump Rope
    Durable gym jump rope handle made with 100% high-grade stainless steel machined at BLUE CNC turning China.
    Brass Machining For Media Display Image 6
    Media Display
    BLUE machined parts manufacturer manufactured high precision media display made from aluminum material.
    Brass Machining For Motor Image 7
    Wiper Motor
    Reliable BLUE CNC turned components manufacturers produced engine shafts from sturdy high-grade steel.
    Brass Machining For Medical Devices Image 8
    Medical Devices
    Blue CNC turning parts China produces medical equipment with highly accurate and exact dimensions.

    Renowned Brass Machining Supplier and Manufacturer in CHINA

    CNC Parts Supplier Workshop Image 1-1
    CNC Parts Supplier
    CNC Turning China Workshop Image 2-1
    CNC Turning China
    CNC Turning Parts China Workshop Image 3
    CNC Turning Parts China
    Machined Parts Manufacturer Workshop Image 4
    Machined Parts Manufacturer
    CNC Turned Parts Manufacturers Workshop Image 5
    CNC Turned Parts Manufacturers
    CNC Turning Parts Manufacturers Workshop Image 6-3
    CNC Turning Parts Manufacturers
    CNC Machining Parts Manufacturer workshop Image 7-3
    CNC Machining Parts Manufacturer
    CNC Turned Components Manufacturers Workshop Image 8-1
    CNC Turned Components Manufacturers
    Brass Machining Cert 1
    BV Audited Supplier
    Brass Machining Cert 2
    ISO 9001:2015 Certificate
    Brass Machining Cert 3
    SGS Approved Factory
    Brass Machining Production Flow Image 1
    Brass Machining Production Flow Image 2
    Brass Machining Production Flow Image 3
    Brass Machining Production Flow Image 4
    Brass Machining Production Flow Image 5
    Brass Machining Production Flow Image 6
    Brass Machining Process Control Image 1
    Brass Machining Process Control Image 2
    Brass Machining Process Control Image 3
    Brass Machining Process Control Image 4
    Brass Machining Process Control Image 5
    Brass Machining Process Control Image 6
    Aluminum Copper Stainless Steel Alloy Steel Titanium Plastic
    2024 Copper 101 SAE 201 20# Steel
    (SAE 1020)
    CP4 (Grade 1) UPE
    5052 Brass C260 SAE 303 45# Steel
    (SAE 1045)
    CP3 (Grade 2) POM
    6061 Copper C110 SAE 304 SAE 1215 CP2  (Grade 3) PA66
    6063 Bronze C932
    (SAE 660)
    SAE 316L 40Cr
    (SAE 5140)
    CP1 (Grade 4) PP
    7050 Brass H59-2
    (UNS 35300)
    SAE 430 SAE 4130 TC4 (Grade 5) ON
    7075 Brass H62
    (UNS C28000)
    SAE 440 42CrMo
    (SAE 4140)
    Grade 6 PETE
    Brass HPb63-3
    (UNS 34500)
    (SAE 630)
    (SAE 1065)
    Grade 7 ABS
    A380 SAF 2205 20CrNiMo
    (SAE 8620)
    Grade 11
    Brass Machining For Dolz Logo 1
    Brass Machining For Rowa logo 2
    Brass Machining For Honda Logo 3
    Brass Machining For Trico Logo 4
    Brass Machining For Concentric Logo 5
    Brass Machining For GKN Logo 6

    Refined Brass Machining from BLUE MACHINES

    The main strength of the BLUE MACHINES is its capacity with brass machining that produces an extraordinary quality of machined brass parts from all grades and alloys of brass. On any brass material, CNC machined goods may be employed.

    Moreover, BLUE MACHINES’ reliable brass machining is cost-effective and dependable. BLUE professional engineers and machinists incorporate their talents and skills to efficiently meet customer requirements for brass machining.

    In addition, it can also work with all grades and alloys of brass to produce everything from pipe fittings to components, electronic devices, etc.

    To ensure highly durable and cost-efficient brass machining, BLUE professional teams always consider brass machining attributes.

    Metal material is a critical factor affecting a product’s quality, utility, and cost. Brass is a type of alloy made of copper and zinc, is one of the most accessible materials to machines, especially compared to aluminium.

    Need a specialist on any grade or an alloy of brass to machine, contact BLUE MACHINES.

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