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BLUE MACHINES is an experienced company in China that provides CNC prototyping services at very affordable rates. The unparalleled CNC prototyping services are suitable for producing machine parts of various materials.

  • The advanced machinery can handle small-radius & multi-radius cuts and maintain the quality of machining parts.
  • You can get low to small volume production quantities with a fast leading time.
  • BLUE MACHINES has ISO 9001: 2005 license to provide certified services by meeting your criteria.
  • The part size for CNC prototyping services ranges from 10, 7, 3.75 inches to 22, 14, 1.25 inches.
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    Reliable CNC Prototyping Services Supplier In China

    BLUE MACHINES maintains a high-trust environment by providing excellent CNC prototyping services since 2011. All the machining parts are inspected and packed professionally before shipment to ensure satisfaction. The workforce used next-generation techniques to provide high-quality CNC prototyping services. As this process is fully automated, no errors are observed.

    What Are BLUE MEACHINES One-Stop Of CNC Prototyping Services Manufacturer in China?

    CNC Prototype Services Image 1

    Software for CNC prototyping service designs your custom 2D and 3D prototype parts to deliver the highest quality parts per your project’s specifications.

    CNC Machining Prototype Service Image 2

    Get our most affordable and capable CNC machining prototype service to ensure the performance of each part.

    CNC Prototype Machining Image 3

    Order high-quality CNC prototype machining parts to make it more workable with no limitations on quality.

    Rapid CNC Prototyping Image 4

    Rapid CNC prototyping services ensure consistent product quality, eliminate errors, and improve speed with precision.

    CNC Prototyping Image 5

    CNC prototyping produces the right-sized products with fine finishing edges in less duration.

    CNC Prototype Machining Service Image 6

    Order CNC prototype parts to handle the large volume of runs without compromising quality and improving production speed.

    CNC Machining Rapid Prototyping Image 7

    CNC machining rapid prototyping input the correct information to machinery to produce the customized shapes of the products.

    CNC Rapid Prototyping Image 8

    CNC rapid prototyping ensures a visible cut pattern on the surface of various materials for a high-dimensional tolerance and smooth finishing.

    Prototype CNC Machining Image 9

    Get high-precision prototype CNC machining materials suitable for kinds of metal and plastic surfaces to meet your requirements.

    Rapid Prototyping CNC Machining Image 6

    You can get rapid prototyping CNC machining services to create complex 3D shapes for various materials.

    Prototype Machining Image 11

    Get the high-precision and high-quality prototype machining services to increase the speed of the manufacturing process.

    Precision Prototyping Machining Image 12

    BLUE MACHINES takes pride in providing high-quality, customized, and low-cost CNC precision prototyping machining service worldwide.

    Why Choose BLUE MEACHINES CNC Prototyping Services?

    BLUE MACHINES uses high-precision machining euipments to provide complete CNC prototyping services, including turning, milling, drilling and grinding process; all processes are strictly controlled according to ISO 9001: 2015 standards. Each of your parts will be 100% inspected before shipment.

    BLUE MACHINES CNC prototyping services also include a range of material and surface treatment, such as brass, aluminium, stainless steel, plastic and titanium; we also provide hardening, painting, plating and oxidizing surface treatment.

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    Successful Projects Are Developed By BLUE MACHINES CNC Prototyping Services Manufacturer in China

    CNC Prototyping Services For Shock Absorber Image 1
    Shock Absorber
    BLUE MACHINES provides high-performance custom shock absorbers and wheel adapters based on its CNC prototyping services factory in China.
    CNC Prototyping Services For Car Tuning Image 2
    ATV Car
    It was made of aluminium material and machined by CNC turning, CNC prototyping, and CNC milling process; the surface treatment was black hard oxidized.
    CNC Prototyping Services For Gear Box Image 3
    Gear Box
    The gearbox is a high-precision product with a micron tight tolerance, so it must be manufactured in a professional CNC prototyping services factory.
    CNC Prototyping Services For Engineering Hook Image 4
    Engineering Hook
    The engineering hook developed in 2014; most of the processes are CNC milling, CNC prototyping, and CNC machining services by 3 and 4 axis machining centres.
    CNC Prototyping Services For GYM Jump Rope Image 5
    GYM Jump Rope
    This project was designed for a European customer of GYM jump rope club, each handle weighing up to 600g, all made of solid 316L stainless steel.
    CNC Prototyping Services For Media Display Image 6
    Media Display
    The media display was made of 6061-T5 aluminium material and milled by a 3-axis machining centre with natural colour oxidized surface treatment.
    CNC Prototyping Services For Motor Image 7
    Wiper Motor
    CNC prototyping machines machine all motor shafts with knurling process; the concentricity has to inspect by CMM before shipping.
    CNC Prototyping Services For Medical Devices Image 8
    Medical Devices
    The medical device box is a complete prototype from a solid aluminium raw material; all faces are machined and control parallel and vertical by CPM.

    Get a Customized CNC Prototyping Services in China

    CNC Prototyping China Workshop Image 1
    CNC Prototyping China
    CNC Prototype China Workshop Image 2
    CNC Prototype China
    CNC Service Company Workshop Image 3
    CNC Service Company
    CNC Precision Machining Company Workshop Image 4
    CNC Precision Machining Company
    Precision CNC Machining China Workshop Image 5
    Precision CNC Machining China
    Custom CNC Machining China Workshop Image 6
    Custom CNC Machining China
    CNC Machining Companies In China Workshop Image 7
    CNC Machining Companies In China
    Precision Machining Company Workshop Image 8
    Precision Machining Company
    CNC Prototyping Services Cert 1
    BV Audited Supplier
    CNC Prototyping Services Cert 2
    ISO 9001: 2015 Certificate
    CNC Prototyping Services Cert 3
    SGS Approved Factory
    CNC Prototyping Services Production Flow Image 1
    CNC Prototyping Services Production Flow Image 2
    CNC Prototyping Services Production Flow Image 3
    CNC Prototyping Services Production Flow Image 4
    CNC Prototyping Services Production Flow Image 5
    CNC Prototyping Services Production Flow Image 6
    CNC Prototyping Services Process Control Image 1
    CNC Prototyping Services Process Control Image 2
    CNC Prototyping Services Process Control Image 3
    CNC Prototyping Services Process Control Image 4
    CNC Prototyping Services Process Control Image 5
    CNC Prototyping Services Process Control Image 6
    Aluminum Copper Stainless Steel Alloy Steel Titanium Plastic
    2024 Copper 101 SAE 201 20# Steel
    (SAE 1020)
    CP4 (Grade 1) UPE
    5052 Brass C260 SAE 303 45# Steel
    (SAE 1045)
    CP3 (Grade 2) POM
    6061 Copper C110 SAE 304 SAE 1215 CP2  (Grade 3) PA66
    6063 Bronze C932
    (SAE 660)
    SAE 316L 40Cr
    (SAE 5140)
    CP1 (Grade 4) PP
    7050 Brass H59-2
    (UNS 35300)
    SAE 430 SAE 4130 TC4 (Grade 5) ON
    7075 Brass H62
    (UNS C28000)
    SAE 440 42CrMo
    (SAE 4140)
    Grade 6 PETE
    Brass HPb63-3
    (UNS 34500)
    (SAE 630)
    (SAE 1065)
    Grade 7 ABS
    A380 SAF 2205 20CrNiMo
    (SAE 8620)
    Grade 11
    CNC Prototyping Services For Dolz Logo 1
    CNC Prototyping Services For Rowa Logo 2
    CNC Prototyping Services For Honda Logo 3
    CNC Prototyping Services For Trico Logo 4
    CNC Prototyping Services For Concentric Logo 5
    CNC Prototyping Services For GKN Logo 6

    Start Your First Project With BLUE CNC Prototyping Services

    BLUE MACHINES can assist you in providing custom CNC prototyping services across the world. The skilled engineers at BLUE MACHINES use Auto CAD, Solidworks, and Pro-E software to design CNC prototyping machining parts and assemble them into a finished product using multiple machining procedures.

    Additionally, BLUE MACHINES offers a wide range of special surface treatments, including oxidizing, painting, sandblasting, hardening, etc., to meet the requirements of CNC prototyping services.

    The high-precision CNC prototyping services protect the surfaces of materials from a variety of environmental changes.

    You can specify the dimensions to meet the requirements of your project. BLUE MACHINES holds the expertise to manufacture, inspect, and ship the specialized parts to win customers’ trust.

    You can get quotes about CNC prototyping services within 8 hours from our experienced team members. Please stay in touch with us for more information about our exclusive CNC prototyping services.

    CNC Prototyping Services – An Ultimate Guide

    The absolute diversity, dimension, and specific usage of CNC machines (numerical computer control) utilized in the production process could be amazing for these new sectors.

    From CNC prototyping services, latte, panel framing machines, and multi-axis to other machine tools. Would you like to discover everything about CNC prototyping services, but where? Well, you have arrived at the right place!

    The procedure begins with a digital 3D design developed using CAD software which can be sent to your machine’s tools by a computer in a number of instructions. These guidelines are called G-code.

    We are introducing fundamentals CNC prototyping services so that you may better understand the nature and function of each instrument.

    What is CNC Prototyping?

    CNC prototyping includes using 3D solid model CADs as the input and the manufacture of a computer-controlled cut and milling process directly from solid material in CNC prototyping services.

    What is CNC Turning? Is it the Same as CNC Prototyping Services?

    The following methods are widely employed by companies that offer CNC prototyping services:

    CNC Milling: This procedure is suitable for the production of prototypes from metal sheets when each design feature is located on one side of the component.

    It consists of eliminating materials with computer guidance from big sheets in CNC prototyping services.

    5-Axis CNC milling: it’s the same as CNC friction, but with more freedom moving tools. For more intricate geometric patterns, this is useful for CNC prototyping services.

    CNC Turning: this procedure is used to make prototypes with round or cylindrical cross-sections. The rotation and removal of the material to produce the design include a cylindrical rod in CNC prototyping services.

    What is the Difference Between CNC Prototyping and the CNC Turning Process?

    CNC prototyping or CNC prototyping services includes using 3D solid model CADs as the input and the manufacture of a computer-controlled cut and milling process directly from solid material in CNC prototyping services.

    CNC Turning is a complex and in-depth approach to make customized components and pieces with a lathe.

    On the other hand, CNC prototyping services machining processes include holding the material while rotating the cutting devices in CNC prototyping services.

    CNC Prototyping

    What is the Turret CNC Prototyping Services Machine?

    A turret holds a set of devices and revolves to position a new cutting tool. Tool change involves: to retract the current tool, usually with a Z-axis, or a combined movement of the X and Z axes.

    Rotate the tower until the right tool is in place for CNC prototyping services.

    What is the CNC Lathe Machine’s Purpose For the Turret Head?

    The turret is a sort of metalworking tool used for the recurrent fabrication of duplicate parts, usually replaceable by the nature of their cutting process.

    What is the BLUE CNC Prototyping Process in CNC Prototyping Services?

    BLUE prototyping process consists of an early sample, model, or release of a product designed to test a concept or method is a prototype of CNC prototyping services.

    The formation of a prototype is the phase between formalization and the evaluation of an idea in various design workflow models in CNC prototyping services.

    What Brand of Equipment is Mainly Used for Prototyping in CNC Prototyping Services?

    • DMG Mori
    • Germany Spinner
    • Germany STAMA
    • Japanese Mori Seiki
    • Japanese Okuma
    • Japanese Yamazaki Mazak
    • Japanese Makino
    • Japanese Toyoda
    • Germany MAG
    • American Hardinge
    • Italian FIDIA
    • Spain Danobat
    • American Haas

    What is the SOP in the CNC Prototyping Industry for CNC Prototyping Services?

    • Do not replace or modify machinery, tools or accessories without contacting and obtaining authorization from a professional instructor.
    • Review the operational procedures and all the configurations of CNC prototyping services.
    • Check all the instructions provided for CNC prototyping services programming.
    • Prepare and carefully examine your software for CNC prototyping services.
    • Edit the safety, structure, accuracy and clarity of your software.
    • All programs should be checked before the actual program.
    • The check can be performed dry on the machine in CNC prototyping services.
    • A path tool on the control panel is displayed graphically.
    • No machine tool to operate until you know it well CNC prototyping services.
    • Wear shoes for security in CNC prototyping services.

    What Materials Are Mainly Used in CNC Prototyping?

    It can be appropriate for 3D printing, which — even if not known to make high-strength parts — costs very cheap and can be done in a short period of time if a prototype has no mechanical use.

    But the material selections are less than for machining for most 3D printing techniques. Here are some of the most regularly used CNC prototyping services plastic materials.

    It is a good mechanical plastic material. Let’s now have a general knowledge of the qualities of the most common materials in CNC prototyping services.

    Brass, Edgy steel, steel alloy, Titanium

    CNC Prototyping Materials

    CNC machined Prototype part

    How to Check the Quality of CNC Prototyping Parts in CNC Prototyping Services?

    Quality, no exception in CNC machining or CNC prototyping services, is a critical aspect in any industry.

    We employ many various types of measurement devices and instruments to verify them in our CNC processes to satisfy the requirements of the customer’s standards and avoid quality problems after items have arrived at the customer’s side.

    Check the background of the measurements:

    The different industry has different measuring standards. It should be considerably more accurate, just like medical components.

    But tolerance is not that high in other industries, such as component parts for large machinery or anything else in CNC prototyping services.

    CNC Prototyping Parts

    Turning to quality laboratory assistance

    As we know, not every measurement machinery can be purchased by a company, it will be a big investment.

    However, there is often no way to detect where things go wrong if a product is out of specification in CNC prototyping services.

    Then the product might be tested in the quality lab.

    Understand clearly the picture and the product specification

    Project engineers and quality engineers both have to grasp properly and examine every detail and tolerance of client designs and needs for CNC prototyping services.

    The ideal way to work on components functions and objectives with customers is to enable the machine to be machined, regulate critical points, and guarantee high demand by our machine engineer.

    How to Choose a Reliable CNC Prototyping Manufacturer for CNC Prototyping Services?

    For a machinery company, adaptability should always be at the top of your list while you are in the market.

    Go always with a firm that is not inflexible and flexible to meet your requirements, budget and deadlines for CNC prototyping services.

    You also need a firm that will counsel you suitably and indicate what kind of parts and raw materials you need to complement the workforce and the project itself in order to be successful in the project.

    They should also be able to test new and exciting processes while maintaining high levels of quality.

    CNC Prototyping Manufacturer

    One thing you need to pay particular attention to is to avoid logistics businesses, which will boost the production pace of a competent CNC prototyping services company, to ensure quicker marketing of your product.

    How to Custom CNC Machining Parts in China?

    Customized parts and equipment CNC prototyping services with multiple technologies including CNC machining.

    The CNC is an abrasive process whose machines are utilized for several activities, such as machining, routing, cutting, milling and turning.

    CNC processing is one of many processes used in quick prototyping and one of the most efficient for projects with less than ten copies of a component for CNC prototyping services.

    What is the Machining of Prototypes for CNC Prototyping Services?

    The method of machining the prototype means the production of a small number of pieces before a large batch is necessary.

    Companies can make a prototype machining for a variety of purposes, including seeing how a component looks exactly when it is created for CNC prototyping services.

    Which Engine in CNC is Used in CNC Prototyping Services?

    The stepper and servo motors are the two motors that are most commonly utilized with CNC machine machines.

    Both are working to convert a non-linear entrance on the shaft and table from the control into linear motion by turning a shaft to shift the load.

    Why is the Machining of Prototypes Useful for CNC Prototyping Services?

    Like the last part. The capacity to manufacture prototypes similar to the end item is also a major advantage of employing machining for CNC prototyping services.

    Many engineering metals may be much machined, which permits engineers to build prototypes of the same materials used in the final piece.

    How CNC Prototype Machining is Ideal?

    It is not hidden that 3D printing is the most popular technique when it comes to speedy tooling, but prototypes can also compete seriously with the study of costs and benefits before you spend all of your money on the project.

    The reason for the presence of prototypes is crucial for us to grasp or understand the various ranges of prototypes or the approaches used.

    CNC Prototype Machining

    The most important thing is, first and foremost, to reflect how the ultimate products will appear, feel and look. Prototypes have a large variety of roles.

    Its visual representation is for development and research and the demonstration of a proof of concept so that you can acquire money from potential or new investors if the resulting prototype looks better and has better aesthetics.

    It is generally more than visual representation for other types of products. Other companies can design products or prototypes that not only appear and feel like the end product but also act like them, depending on the product development stage.

    Which is Better From CNC Prototyping Machining or CNC Conventional Machining?

    CNC machinery uses the same basic materials and makes similar products for both traditional and CNC prototypes for CNC prototyping services.

    The procedures used are also relatively similar, but also have significant variances.

    Some of the distinctions in towing technology include:

    Conventional machining is ideal for less than reasonable volumes, but mass production is the most appropriate solution for CNC prototyping services since the customer offers you huge economies of scale.

    CNC prototyping is an automated procedure, all that is needed is one operator who uses a computer to insert and control commands on the machines for CNC prototyping services.

    Conventional machining, on the other hand, requires a manual operator who monitors the whole procedure.

    Machining for prototypes offers a large variety of benefits, such as accuracy, speed, or production accuracy, not available for ordinary machining for prototyping services.

    What is Rapid Prototyping? How Do You Work Fast CNC Prototyping Services?

    Fast prototyping is the rapid manufacture or assembly of a physical object through 3D computer-aided design (CAD) in CNC prototyping services.

    Usual adjustment manufacture or so often known as 3D printing is used to create the part, model, or assembling.

    If the design is near to the end product proposed, it is termed to be a high degree of fidelity, rather than a low-fidelity prototype, where the prototype and end product have a distinct difference.

    Rapid prototyping comprises a variety, but mostly use layered additive manufacturing, of manufacturing processes in CNC prototyping services.

    But RP also uses high-speed machining, casting, molding, and extraction techniques.

    While additive production is the most frequent rapid CNC prototyping services approach, prototypes may also be created with other, more conventional processes.

    What Are the Tips to Follow to Avoid Prototyping Machine Failure in CNC Prototyping Services?

    CNC prototyping is a subtractive process so that machines can chop out additional materials for the final product and every engineering company has a wide range of materials with which they want to work for CNC prototyping services.


    The CNC prototyping is a subtractive process, so the machines can cut away extra materials that produce the final product and each engineering firm has a wide selection of materials they want to work with.

    This adds more layers until a product is formed, unlike 3D printing. When a prototype as it’s mainly employed for about 90% of all manufacturing technologies is produced, Plastic Resin is the best method for CNC prototyping services.

    It lets manufacturers verify the product viability and identify potential problems and defects before rolling out mass production.

    What is CNC Prototyping


    For small projects, a CNC prototype is not suggested, since it may be rather expensive, the procedure takes more power and staff to be successful in the project compared with the comparatively low cost of 3D printing in CNC prototyping services.

    As with finished metal parts, procurement for a small company or project can be fairly pricey. CNC prototype is the ideal answer for major enterprises because they have the financial strength and resources for CNC prototyping services.

    Why in Some Cases We Do Not Prefer CNC Prototyping Services?

    Despite its advantages, the prototyping method of CNC machining has some limits, which can cause companies to promote an alternate strategy.

    Costly than 3D printing

    One of the obvious disadvantages of prototypes of CNC machining is process costs. Machining centers are massive machine components requiring considerable power and greater human monitoring than 3D printers in CNC prototyping services.

    The expense of machining metals is also higher than standard printing materials such as PLA.

    This, even if they intend to employ machining for their final items, is one of the reasons why engineers can pick alternate prototyping procedures in CNC prototyping services.

    This, even in the case of machining of the end parts, is one of the main reasons why engineers can choose alternate prototyping processes.

    It is acceptable if businesses need to save all costs during their early prototyping phase in CNC prototyping services. It can lead to the drainage of resources.

    Certain geometrical limitations

    The geometrical flexibility in four-axis and 5-axis machinery is wide, however, even these machines are limited.

    Additive manufacturing technologies may be more appropriate for sophisticated constructions with complex internal geometries as these are not limited by the angles of cutting instruments in CNC prototyping services.

    However, bear in mind that the 3D printed prototypes can be wrong. A digital 3D design perfectly made out of a 3d printer.

    Whether it be machining centers, injection molding equipment, or anything else, cannot be made using the selected production equipment.

    Geometrical prototype flexibility is only useful if the ultimate part can be duplicated with that flexibility for CNC prototyping services.

    Material wastes

    Since CNC work is a subtractive process, more material is required than actually the part. Some of the material is removed and then removed as metal and plastic chips in CNC prototyping services.

    This is distinct from prototyping additive technologies that don’t produce wastes unless the printing fails and has to be repeated.

    CNC Prototyping Services

    Removing CNC material from solid black

    Why You Need CNC Prototype Services Machining for Machines?

    CNC machining is generally known to be employed in production at a large scale. CNC machining usage, however, goes far beyond. The use of this in prototypes is obvious.

    You need to grasp their advantages and disadvantages to comprehend why you should employ prototyping CNC machining in CNC prototyping services. Below are the advantages and disadvantages of CNC prototype processing.

    CNC CAD-Prototype

    Accuracy and tolerance

    You will want to employ a production method to provide you with the desired output when specifying the size and shape of your CAD file for CNC prototyping services.

    You must utilize a high-precision value machine to achieve the desired result. The dimensions may not be the same as the model, but the true difference in value is extremely minimal.

    This means that the level of CNC machining is higher than other prototyping methods in CNC prototyping services.


    You will receive different outputs while employing CNC machining whose dimensions are the same in CNC prototyping services. The reason is that CNC machining is a manufacturing process controlled by software.

    So you can create as many similar things as feasible once you have configured the size of the software in CNC prototyping services.

    Reduce human participation

    It reduces the participation of people in the production process in CNC prototyping services. CNC machining the chances of errors from operators are greatly reduced.

    The errors that can arise throughout the production procedures are further minimized. So the CNC machine can continue operating for a long time when a model has to be developed in CNC prototyping services.

    Save your time

    After using the machining CNC prototyping services, it takes not much time to conclude the production process. This saves time and is very important in the production of prototypes.

    CNC machining is perfect for prototypes as it enables mass production of high-quality items in CNC prototyping services.

    It is therefore straightforward to change the design element, create a prototype and verify the attributes needed. In a short period, all this can be done in CNC prototyping services.

    CNC 3D- Prototype


    It supports several substances CNC prototyping services machining is an ideal way to develop prototypes compared to other technologies because of their large number of materials.

    What is CNC Prototyping Services’ Design, Standard, Specification or Complex Machine?

    In the case of standard machines, the price is usually cheaper than advanced equipment. Lastly, the presses may be supplied with various optional components.

    The normal machine, for example, is 10.” There is also the chuck with 12″ and 15,” that is 450A/B/C, that also has bigger spindle diameters. The Y-axis, sub-spoke and wider bed can also be fitted with basic machines (MC/YMC/ YSMC/SMC).

    In addition to basic machines.

    The many characteristics selected will also affect the price of CNC prototyping service machinery.

    Additional cost for additional options such as the Y-axis, the additional engine power, the main spindling range.

    The guide system (linear ball or rollers, box guideline), the tool setter, a chip carrier (special standard or aluminium), or boron size (especially if bb orb +) spindles are added to the standard machine.

    This means additional cost to the standard machine. Additional features such as personalized berry, automated instrument change (ATC) and hydraulic chucks are additionally affected by the cost of CNC prototyping services.

    CNC prototyping service transportation expenses are added to the price of the item from the manufacturing location to the final user. This can vary from country to country.

    The size of the machinery to be carried is influenced by the kind of conveyance chosen (container or flat rack). This in turn affects the pricing of CNC prototyping services.

    CNC Prototyping Complex Machine

    How May CNC Parts in CNC Prototyping Services be Sent to Argentina?

    As a tiny firm, China’s supplier is more reputable. Export to Argentina of CNC prototyping services Machining Parts: Our products are mostly exported to countries in Europe which are quite popular in a few countries.

    We pay significant emphasis on innovation, especially with Chinese export patents in Argentina for CNC prototyping services, with superior technology that has progressed internationally and has a reputation in exporting CNC prototyping services machining parts in Argentina.

    Our group has excellent researchers and a national market-based sales and service network as well as Chinese clients.

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