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Our CNC turning part is 100% inspected with material certificates and dimension reports before shipping; BLUE always offers the best CNC turning services and competitive prices.

  • Focus on low and small-volume CNC machining services for more than 10 years.
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    A Trusted CNC Turning Services Manufacturer in China

    BLUE MACHINES is a trusted CNC turning services supplier by famous customers, including Trico, Sabi, Dolz, Concentric, Fallone, etc. We are committed to providing high-precision custom CNC turning parts with ultimate CNC turning services and reasonable prices; BLUE has constantly been growing with our valued customers.

    BLUE MACHINES One-Stop CNC Turning Services Supplier

    BLUE CNC machining services have always insisted on continuously using high-precision CNC machining equipment to maintain accuracy and competitive price constantly.

    Precision CNC Machining Services Image 2

    If you are looking for a custom CNC turning or milling part, BLUE will be your good choice of precision CNC machining services supplier in China.

    Stainless Steel CNC Machining Services Image 3

    Over 10 years of stainless steel CNC machining services manufacturer, we have served more than 1,000 customers since 2011, such as Sabi, Trico, Concentric and GKN.

    Turning Services Image 4

    We provide high precision turning services from raw material, turning, drilling and milling to complete finished part; all processes are produced in own factory.

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    BLUE precision machining services can provide different material’s requirements, such as aluminium, copper, titanium, stainless steel, alloy steel, etc.

    Rapid Machining Services Image 6

    The precision rapid machining services meaning is low cost, but we have already served more than 20 countries customers with high efficiency.

    Prototype Machining Services Image 7

    Prototype machining services mainly combine aluminium and copper material; BLUE uses high-precision 3 & 4 axis machining centres of the Haas brand to make all CNC Milling parts.

    Precision CNC Machining Services Image 8

    BLUE provides convenient precision CNC machining services with high-precision CNC machining equipment; all RFQs are within 24 hours or less.

    Aluminum Machining Services Image 9

    BLUE aluminium machining services are directly imported code procedures from 3D drawings; all are done automatically.

    5 Axis CNC Machining Services Image 10

    BLUE provides 5 axis CNC machining services with Japanese and American machining centres; all parts are 100% inspected before shipping.

    Aluminum CNC Machining Service Image 11

    BLUE aluminium CNC machining service can be completed in as soon as 7 days; all are controlled in their own factory from design, prototype to mass production.

    Custom CNC Machining Service Image 12

    Most custom CNC machining services are for start-up customers; we have successfully developed more than 10,000 kinds of CNC parts since 2011.

    Why Choose BLUE MACHINES CNC Turning Services?

    BLUE is an advanced CNC turning services company; we control the machining process from Turing, Drilling, Milling and Grinding processes in our factory.

    This means the product quality, delivery time, and price of all of your orders are optimal without traders.

    At the same time, we always provide fully CNC turning services which 100% control your custom CNC machining parts before shipping.

    So If you would like to give us a chance, send your RFQ now!

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    Successful Projects Are Developed By BLUE CNC Turning Services Manufacturer in China

    CNC Turning Services For Shock Absorber Image 1
    Shock Absorber
    BLUE provides high-performance custom shock absorbers and wheel adapters based on its own CNC turning services factory in China.
    CNC Turning Services For Car Tuning Image 2
    ATV Car
    It was made of aluminium material and machined by CNC turning and CNC milling process, the surface treatment was black hard oxidized.
    CNC Turning Services For Gear Box Image 3
    Gear Box
    The gearbox is a high-precision product with a micron tight tolerance, so it must be manufactured in a professional CNC turning services factory.
    CNC Turning Services For Engineering Hook Image 4
    Engineering Hook
    The engineering hook was developed in 2014; most of the processes are CNC milling and CNC machining services by 3 and 4 axis machining centres.
    CNC Turning Services For GYM Jump Rope Image 5
    GYM Jump Rope
    This project was designed and made for a European customer of GYM jump rope club, each handle weighing up to 600g, all made of solid 316L stainless steel.
    CNC Turning Services For Media Display Image 6
    Media Display
    The media display was made of 6061-T5 aluminium material and milled by 3 axis machining centre with natural colour oxidized surface treatment.
    CNC Turning Services For Motor Image 7
    Wiper Motor
    All motor shafts are machined by CNC turning machines with a knurling process; the concentricity has to inspect by CMM before shipping.
    CNC Turning Services For Medical Devices Image 8
    Medical Devices
    The medical device box is complete milling from a solid aluminium raw material; all faces need to be machined and control parallel and vertical by CMM.

    The advanced CNC Turning Services Manufacturer in China

    CNC Machining China
    CNC Turning China
    CNC Machining Factory
    CNC Machining Supplier
    CNC Machining Company
    CNC Machining Manufacturer
    CNC Machining Companies
    CNC Turning Company
    BV Audited Supplier
    ISO 9001: 2015 Certificate
    SGS Approved Factory
    Aluminum Copper Stainless Steel Alloy Steel Titanium Plastic
    2024 Copper 101 SAE 201 20# Steel
    (SAE 1020)
    CP4 (Grade 1) UPE
    5052 Brass C260 SAE 303 45# Steel
    (SAE 1045)
    CP3 (Grade 2) POM
    6061 Copper C110 SAE 304 SAE 1215 CP2  (Grade 3) PA66
    6063 Bronze C932
    (SAE 660)
    SAE 316L 40Cr
    (SAE 5140)
    CP1 (Grade 4) PP
    7050 Brass H59-2
    (UNS 35300)
    SAE 430 SAE 4130 TC4 (Grade 5) ON
    7075 Brass H62
    (UNS C28000)
    SAE 440 42CrMo
    (SAE 4140)
    Grade 6 PETE
    Brass HPb63-3
    (UNS 34500)
    (SAE 630)
    (SAE 1065)
    Grade 7 ABS
    A380 SAF 2205 20CrNiMo
    (SAE 8620)
    Grade 11

    Custom CNC Turning Services Today

    Suppose you are looking for custom CNC turning services only with a simple idea but want to turn it into an actual part or product.

    In that case, BLUE can also assist you from a design by Auto CAD, Solidworks and Pro-E software to be CNC machining parts, finally assembled into a finished product with different kinds of machining processes.

    You might also need some special surface treatment such as oxidizing, painting, sandblasting, oxidizing, etc.; BLUE also can offer a full range of surface treatment of high-precision CNC turning services.

    So all you need to do is find a reliable CNC turning services manufacturer; we would like to give a detailed recommendation of our strengths and services; we hope it can help you make the right choice before placing an order.

    All your RFQs can be a quote in 8 hours at the shortest; get in touch with us immediately!

    CNC Turning Services – An Ultimate Guide

    Would you like to understand everything from CNC turning services, but uncertain where? Well, you came to the location you were right!

    The pure diversity, dimensions, and specialist applications of CNC machines (computer numerical control) employed in manufacturing might be dizzying for these new industries.

    From CNC turning services, lathe, framing machines, and multi-axis to other machine tools.

    We will start a new series on the fundamentals of CNC turning services machine tools to understand better what each device is like and how you may use it.

    CNC Turning Services:

    CNC turning services may be used on any material. Although CNC turning services, including CNC turning centres and lathes, appear to be the same, they relate to slightly different devices.

    Lathes typically merely turn, whereas turning centres can be more sophisticated. All the capabilities of these machines are faceting, threading, knurling, drilling, boring, reaming and tapering.

    Although CNC turning services horizontal machines are more widespread, vertical machines rely on gravity. However, meeting the needs of the customer’s project is more dependable and cost-effective.

    What is CNC Turning in CNC Turning Services?

    CNC Turning is a complex and in-depth way to make unique components and components with a turning lathe in CNC services. CNC rotary is a highly skilled and highly accurate CNC rotary machining precision process.

    The classic type of lathe may be traced back to ancient Egypt, based on one of the oldest machine tools in the world.

    Modern computing technologies and qualified operators now enable a component with precise tolerances and a wide array of shapes to be made in the slightest detail and to maximize the rigidity of designs in CNC turning services.

    CNC Turning Closeup

    CNC Turning

    The CNC turning services secure and rotates the material or raw material by machining it on a double axis of movement at high speeds.

    In contrast, the material is formed by a single point, which produces the desired element. The tiles are regulated using computer programs; detailed reproduction of accurate components is ensured.

    What is CNC Turning Process in CNC Turning Services?

    CNC Turning is a production procedure that holds bars in a chuck and turns while the tool is inserted into the part to remove the material for the desired shape is part of CNC turning services.

    CNC turning services use CNC tools that have to be mounted on a computer-controlled device. To move to the raw material bar and remove material to achieve the programmed output, a turret has the tooling attached.

    This is also referred to as “subtraction machining” because material removal is required in CNC turning services. If the centre offers tuning and milling capabilities, like the one above, the rotation can be paused so that different shapes are browned.

    CNC Turning Process

    CNC Turning Process

    What is Turning Centre in CNC Turning Services?

    CNC turning centres are high-tech, computer-controlled machinery in CNC turning services. They have 3, 4, or even 5 axes, as well as a wide range of cutting capabilities such as milling, drilling, tapping, and, of course, turning.

    These machines are frequently enclosed to keep any cut material, coolant, and components within the CNC turning services machine.

    Turning Centre in CNC

    Turning Centre CNC

    What Are the Main Benefits of CNC Turning in CNC Turning Services?

    CNC turning services machining is considerably superior to manual machining for several reasons:

    • Cost-Effectiveness: Requiring a person to manually produce parts is significantly higher than using a machine because a machine does not tyre, requires no lunch breaks and can theoretically operate round the clock.
    • Speed: CNC turning services could produce hundreds of parts per minute while keeping their results consistent.
    • Precision: If a CNC is scheduled to perform a job, a consistent and precise cut is produced which guarantees product quality. It can be done repeatedly in the same way.

    What is the Difference Between CNC Turning and Milling in CNC Turning Services?

    Turning CNC spins the part to cut while CNC twisting turns the component tool.

    In addition, cylindrical parts use often the CNC turning services, which rely on the part itself to rotate and produce milling when the cutting tool is used against it.

    On the other hand, since the cutting tool spins, CNC turning can produce more intricate pieces.

    Turning Milling

    CNC Turning & Milling

    NC machines are numerically controlled, whereas CNC machines are computer numerically controlled in CNC turning services Although both machines operate on metal parts and are programmed to perform certain tasks.

    They operate differently in most situations. they are automatic.

    Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machines include an integrated computer to store and modify programmes through the control of the machine.

    Numerical Control (NC) machines are controlled by punch cards fed into the system, making it impossible to adjust the programming.

    Even a minor change to the software would necessitate removing, modifying, and reinsertion of the tape into the machines.

    What is the Difference Between CNC Turning Centres and CNC Lathes in CNC Turning Services?

    More advanced kinds of CNC lathes are the CNC turning centres in CNC turning services. Both are machine tools that rotate a material bar, enabling the cutting tool to remove material from the bar until the desired result is left.

    Typically, only 2 axis machines are used with only one spindle, whilst torque centres have up to five axes and offer much more diverse cutting capabilities.

    In addition, CNC turning services offer lathes that have no protecting shell around the machine, and they have no high turning centres’ output capacities.

    What Could CNC Do With This Lathe?

    In CNC turning services, a lathe is traditionally used for wood-turning, metalworking, metal spinning, thermal sprouting, reclaiming components and glasswork.

    Typically, one or two centres hold the workpiece, with at least one centre horizontally adaptable for workpieces of different lengths.

    Because of their easy setup, operation, repeatability and accuracy, CNC lathes replace conventional production lathes quickly. One example is CNC lathe work of machining CNC rotating services.

    What Are the Types of CNC Turning Centers?

    In CNC turning services, there are two important types of CNC turning centres, horizontal turning centres and vertical turning centres.

    Horizontal rotation centres are much more prevalent than vertical rotation centres. While the machines are virtually identical, vertical CNC turning centres provide heavy and short components.

    In the CNC Turning Center, What are the Axes?

    Up to five axes can be used for a CNC turning centre by CNC turning services. However, some machines can function on six axes:

    • Vertical X-Axis
    • Horizontal Y-Axis
    • Z-Axis: Depth
    • An Axis: Around the X-Axis
    • B Axis: Around the Y-axis rotation
    • C Axis: Around the Z-Axis rotation

    What is the Difference Between Machining Centre and Turning Centre in CNC Turning Services?

    A CNC Machining Centre performs a rotating spindle process, a turning kind conducted by the CNC Turning Center in CNC turning services.

    What CNC Machines is Used for Turning Parts?

    Lathes are primarily used for CNC turning services, milling spinning surfaces of shafts, discs, sleeves, and other workpieces. They are the most used machine tools in manufacturing machinery, aircraft, car components, and repair facilities.

    What is a CNC Lathe Machine in CNC Turning Services?

    CNC Lathes are machine tools with digital computer control systems in CNC turning services (CNCs). The materials or parts are clamped and converted into several axes by the main spindle as a cutting tool works on the material.

    CNC Lathes are also used in the CNC turning services with exact design instructions. For processed items, CNC Lathes are often utilized when the material/piece is clamped and rotated.

    At the same time, for OD (Outer Diameter) and Inner Diameters, such as pipes and shafts, the cutting tool is mounted stationary.

    They are ideal for parts with an axis that can be pulled up in a spindle with exact symmetry (i.e. radially clamped). A basic two-axis CNC Lathe is placed at 8 to 24 turret stations at a fixed position.

    The part rotating is called “turning,” which is why CNC Turning has used Some types of CNC Lathes are machines.

    Cutting tools are usually operated by the separate drive system within the tower, boring and taping (a tool to cut the thread in the hole).

    The life tools are mounted to axial or radial operational directions depending on the application, i.e. active tool. The CNC turning services or CNC Turning Lathes might be found in the 3-axial axis.

    CNC lathe Machine

    CNC lathe Machine

    Turning centres are frequently called paddling machines with additional Y-axis, sub-spindles, or specific selectable automation capabilities.

    These sophisticated machine tools can create complex parts, which go beyond typical OD & ID tools and can include milling, boiling, and taping to complete the item in a single setup.

    By using raw material to a final product, all-in-one machine tools boost productivity dramatically.

    What Are the Different Parts of Lathe Machines Consist of?

    The following main configurations generally include CNC Lathe machines in CNC turning services:

    • Horizontal
    • Vertical
    • The bed is slant.
    • Flatbed Flat Bed
    • Standard
    • Multi-axis

    Such as Swiss, Multifaceted, B-axes, etc. Speciality types. The lathe machine has the following components:

    Bedding machine

    The base for the complete engine is the CNC Lathe bed or the CNC Turning Centre in CNC turning services. It is the mounting point of the various components of the machine.

    For example, the main spindle containing the machine’s spindle, tail body; slide of the X- and Z-axis; Y-axis optional; and a sub-spindle.

    CNC turning services produce high-grade machine cast iron machine beds for a lifetime. These contribute to reducing thermal distortion and give excellent mechanical stability.

    This provides continuous accuracy of the machined parts of CNC turning services.

    Spindle Main

    The main spindle consists of a spindle, which is sometimes referred to as the centre of a tool. These include moving parts of the CNC turning services machine, motors, gears and chucks (more on it later).

    Also assembled in the C-Axis drive for mounting the rod material. Tool holders with fixed and life tool holders are usually installed on a rotating disc to position the tool and switch it.

    In CNC turning services the drive system for life instruments is integrated.

    Second Spindle/ Sub-Spindle

    In sync with the main spindle, the sub-spindle works in order to complete the first and the second cutting operation on the CNC turning services, apart from the main spindle.

    This improves performance and efficiency by cycle. This mechanism has the same power and ability as the primary spindle if a second spindle is called.

    Sub spindles for CNC turning services are optionally available to increase flexibility and efficiency among end-users.


    A chuck is an unstructured frame holding the components of machining. The chuck is fixed to the main spindle of the workpiece.

    It would help if you chose CNC lathes of CNC turning services that provide several options, so you may switch to the proper device for your turning jobs to increase production.

    Specific CNC turning services machining instruments have the flexibility and size to enable extra-long machining of oil tubes and other long shafts.

    Guide Way

    This guide allows the instrument to move horizontally and vertically for clean cutting. This structure needs to be durable, stiff, and highly accurate.

    For CNC turning services range of machines, its features rigorous solid box guides across all axes to cut down on process time and increase process accuracy.


    The headstock, composed of the main engine, is placed at the main spindle. You must bear in mind if the headstock of your machine tool handles high torque at low speed to ensure optimum performance.

    For hard materials, this is a crucial factor in CNC turning services.


    The tailstock is utilized for supplying the other end of the component with an additional support force. This is important for workpieces long and exceptionally long (e.g. Shafts).

    Turret tool

    The tower offers the opportunity to modify the cutting machines needed for machining. This is why it is installed on the tool tower.

    The tower size depends on the number and the size of the tools installed on it. For example, the tower provides a strong clamping force for stability and precision in processing.

    It offers a 0.2 sec/setup index time for fast and steady workmanship of CNC turning services. Some of the possible alternatives include:

    • Y-axis CNC Lathe (for off-centre operations)
    • Part Catcher of CNC Lathe (off-loading of parts automatically)
    • A chuck is an unstructured frame holding the components of machining. The chuck is fixed to the main spindle of the workpiece.
    • MC sub-spindle – drive contains framing, tools for life, and operation of the C axis.
    • Different beds for long shafts or pipes

    Parts of Lathe Machines

    Parts of Lathe Machines

    What Can You Use CNC Lathe For in CNC Turning Services?

    Virtually all types of structures can be machined in different industries according to their requirements.

    Oil and gas, automotive, aviary, medical, electronic, mining, power, steel, paper mills and shipbuilding industries are the primary applications of CNC lathes. CNC lathes are used, to mention a few, in CNC turning services.

    Modern CNC lathes usually have live tools that can work on multiple axes. For example, it could include both the X-axis and the Y-axis, incorporate a second turret, and include the second spindle.

    The result is an extensive and complex parts manufacturing process that eliminates the need to transfer to a different machine, such as a CNC milling machine or a CNC turning services machining centre for another operation.

    How Can You Program CNC Lathe?

    One of the main queries is: how can CNC Lathes be programmed, and which software is usually used for CNC machine tools? The programming of a modern CNC lathe is as follows:

    Use a contemporary CNC Program Support System like “Manual Guide I” (FANUC) or Shop Turn directly at your machine (SIEMENS). CAD/CAM system offline.

    These often have more intricate forms or several procedures to be machined.

    In most circumstances in CNC turning services, one CNC program should be able to be processed by CNC lathes or CNC turning services machines during the next CNC program.

    This improves production efficiency and saves time, and workforce efficiency is the benefit of CNC turning services.

    What are Many CNC Lathe Types in CNC Turning Services?

    These days, CNC lathes have several axes that allow the manufacture of more complex pieces without transferring machines or tools manually.

    The difference in axis illustrates the positioning and rotating of the machined object (or tool) throughout the process of machining in CNC turning services.

    CNC lathe 2-Axis

    In this basic setup, the 2 linear axes (i.e. cylinder machining) can be used to do the OD/ID and face operations or boil and tap at the centre of the piece. It does not, however, allow frying.

    CNC lathe 3-axis

    A-C axis and a life tool system will be introduced, and the standard X and Z axes. This permits the part to be placed for typical frying, drilling, and tapping operations.

    The gradual sync rotation of the component may involve helical milling.

    CNC lathe 4-axis

    In this case, the Y-axis can be added to the machine for off-centre processing. This works effectively for more complex and irregular processes.

    CNC lathe 5-axis

    A second Turret added to a 3-axis CNC theme on such machines (e.g. T2-2T). The C-axis on the spinning spindle would have 2-axis on each tower (upper and lower tower).

    CNC Axis 6 or more:

    • The permutation of these lathes may be included here:
    • Double x C axis; (main and second spindle)
    • 2 x Foolishness (upper and lower turret, each with 2 linear axes)
    • 1 x Y-axis at the tower top
    • 1 — 2nd spindle for collection to be directed towards the central spindle

    There are, of course, machines with more than 8 axes. These machines, however, are highly advanced and complex and are usually not necessary for ordinary demands for production.

    What is the CNC Turning Services Cost?

    What is the cost of a CNC turning services and Lathe machine, and what do you want to ask a reputable CNC machine manufacturer to estimate for a CNC turning services lathe?

    To calculate the full cost of buying the CNC turning service and Lathe machine, we should consider the following.

    • Country of source
    • Process of manufacture
    • Machine CNC size
    • Design
    • Specifications
    • Shipping

    Country of Origin:

    CNC turning services and lathes manufacturers have a significant impact on prices and the economy (South Korea, Germany, Japan, Taiwan, and China, etc.).

    How Are CNC Lathe Manufactured?

    • This will affect the machine’s quality and performance requirements and includes such aspects as:
    • How much research and development and prototyping is investing in the machine’s construction in CNC turning services?
    • Quality of the raw materials and the quality and production origin of the essential components in CNC turning services?
    • Do manufacturers use deep production systems such as them simply installing or even using OEM firms, i. e. a foundry to a finished machine in CNC turning services??
    • Are mass-produced machines is part of CNC turning services? Or have targeted lines for specialized requirements and higher levels of quality of CNC turning services.

    What is the size of the CNC Turning Services Machining Tool?

    CNC Lathes sizes are usually determined in CNC turning services according to the chuck size and the distance between the centres.

    Regular hot-tech 200 chuck machine, for example, is 8″ to 10″ in length and is less priced than the standard 230 machine, which is also available in chuck dimensions from 8″ to 10″ does nevertheless incorporate much modern design and technology, offering the opportunity to upgrade to an even more advanced machine with different options in CNC turning services.

    What is the Design, Standard, Specification, or Complex Machine of CNC Turning Services?

    Usually, standard machines are cheap than sophisticated ones in price is part of CNC turning services. The latter can be equipped with the same presses as other optional parts.

    For instance, the typical machine is 10′ in size. The 12″ and 15″ chuck, i.e. 450A/B/C, is available, providing larger diameters of spindle bores.

    In addition to the virtual machines, the Y-axis, sub-spindle, and a larger machine bed can be equipped as well (MC/YMC/YSMC/SMC).

    The varied features picked will also influence the pricing of the machinery in CNC turning services.

    The addition of Y-axis, extra engine power, main spindling couple range, a guide system (linear ball or roller, box guide route), CTS systems (30 or 70 bar), the tool setter, chip conveyors (standard or aluminium special), or bore size (specifically when bb or bb+) spindles will result in additional costs. The cost of CNC turning services is further affected by additional options such as customized bears, automatic instrument changes (ATC), and hydraulic chucks.

    Transport fees in CNC turning services from the manufacturing area to the end-user will add to the unit’s price. This can differ between countries.

    The size and type of transport (container or flat rack) selected will have an impact on the size of the machine to be shipped. As a result, the cost of CNC turning services is affected.


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