How To Choose A Top CNC Machining Supplier in China?

If the CNC machining supplier has turning and milling centre workshops, then they have a more powerful processing advantage than other competitors; It will be possible to win a lot of opportunities and businesses, at the same time, If the CNC machining supplier is not able to provide inspection report before delivery, we believe your products will be at excellent quality risk, so choose the top CNC machining supplier with complete inspection laboratory, especially CMM.

My recommendation must be Hexagon because of the PC-DMIS system:

The quick resolution requires an actionable report to the correct file in a suitable format. With customizable messages, cloud-based notifications, and mobile alerts, PC-DMIS provides easy-to-interpret measurements to establish closed-loop quality information exchange with sample and mass production department in CNC machining supplier.

  1. Customized report
  2. Text report
  3. Mobile app network
  4. Environmental Reminders
  5. Based on the end-of-move reminder

CNC Machining Supplier

What is The Top CNC Machining Supplier in China?

  1. Customer without drawing, the only original sample

Some of our customers don’t have drawing when we start contact, only with the original sample. They also want to find a capable factory that can help them design the drawings, so you have to measure the CNC machined components and get the data, then enable the customer to finish creating the draft drawing of prototype machining.

  1. Quality control with measure system

High-quality custom parts are produced from a top CNC machining supplier, so all good parts are not inspected by the process. It is produced by high precision equipment and good management. But If you want to continue making mass production like a sample process, the best way is to use CMM, which inspects the size and gets the data. After analysis and comparison, we will learn how to improve the process and production from a CNC machining supplier.

What Inspections Are Required in The Top CNC Machining Supplier?

No matter what the processing parts produced in the CNC machining supplier, we must measure all dimensions in production to check the last process and improve the quality of parts. The most important is to provide a final inspection report to customers as a top CNC machining supplier in China.

  1. Primary size, raw material and profile inspection

Outer diameter

When measuring the outer diameter, both parts of the week need to be measured and recorded. When the part with the diameter length is greater than 50mm, should be a straight line check, the use of the knife ruler face and the outer diameter bus contact, observe the width of the building, and then against the standard light gap to judge by CNC machining supplier.

Inner diameter

When measuring the size of an internal diameter in part, take three parts in the week and record it. When the same diameter length is greater than 40mm, the cylindrical degree should be checked. Within the direction of the same diameter length, two positions of large intervals should be obtained for measurement. Calculate the cylindrical error by the CNC machining supplier.

2. Length

External thread measurement: the outer thread diameter with thread ring gauge or three-pin measurement, the path with the thread ring rule (general rule) detection. Internal thread measurement: the inner and outer diameter with thread plug gauge (general rule) inspection, the middle diameter with thread plug gauge inspection. The large, medium and trail of the thread shall be accepted according to the precision level required by the pattern—effective length tolerance of thread: executed as required in fastener inspection specification of CNC machining supplier.

3. Surface roughness inspection

Surface roughness detection: the comparison method of the sample block is used for comparison. It can also be detected if the CNC machining supplier has such kinds of inspection equipment.

Flatness test: using the metering method detection, the plate placed three adjustable support, the part measurement face placed upward on the support point, adjust the support point, so that three points and so high, the peak and valley value measured by the gauge is the plane’s flatness error.

CNC Machining Manufacturer

Suppose your CNC machining supplier can provide a full range of inspection reports before shipping. Even If the price is slightly higher, please be sure to keep it. In that case, they will be becoming a top CNC machining supplier in China.

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