CNC Machining Parts Manufacturer in China

BLUE  MACHINES is certified in 2015 for their demanding manufacturing machining parts with high-precision, tight tolerance and excellent quality by developing tools in China. Their highly trained professionals are dedicated to their manufacturing machining components.

  • Hold ISO 9001: BLUE manufacturing awarded by certificate for their machining parts in 2015
  • They provide fast delivery services all around the globe
  • They make sure that you will get answers to your RFQ’s as soon as possible
  • Acceptance of technical drawing to manufacturer CNC machining parts is possible only here for lifetime services.
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    Reliable Machining Parts from BLUE MACHINES for Life Time Services

    BLUE MACHINES is recognized due to its loyalty towards its machining parts. They always use computer operated tools to operate the machine and cutting the shape of the material, e.g. plastic and metal, in the machining parts manufacturing process.

    BLUE MACHINESOne-Stop Services for CNC Machining Parts From China

    CNC Lathe Machining Parts Image 1

    Get custom-design, high-volume production, simple or complex, and affordable CNC lathe machines from BLUE MACHINES.

    Machining Parts Online Image 2

    Get CNC machining parts online to reduce cost and overcome stress of quality based machining at low price for life time services.

    Precision CNC Machining Parts Image 3

    Get customized precision CNC machining components to reduce the cost of operation offered by cheap CNC machining.

    Precision Machining Parts Image 4

    CNC precision machining parts are stronger and 100% reliable to produce high-quality products.

    CNC Hole Drilling Image 5

    Precision machining parts are more reliable, suitable and affordable to generate the best results to meet the requirements of projects.

    Aluminum CNC Machining Parts:

    Aluminum CNC machining allow the uses of all type of industries that is robotics, optics, medical and many more with high production quality.

    OEM CNC Machining Parts Image 7

    Get customized high-quality OEM CNC machining parts to reduce the cost of operation by adding essential quality details and give a wide range of creation limits.

    CNC Milling Aluminum Image 8

    BLUE MACHINES provide you with high-volume production, simple or complex, and affordable cheap metal and CNC machining components.

    Machined Parts Image 9

    CNC machined parts consist of maximum features with additional finishing features to distributes within standard lead time.

    CNC Turning Machine Parts Image 10

    Order CNC turning parts provide state-of-the-art cutting and finishing features to meet your requirements at a low price with high quality.

    DIY CNC Machine Parts image 11

    Diy CNC machining gets excellent quality precision machining to reduce the cost of the production process and make it flexible for all uses from BLUE MACHINES.

    CNC Machine Parts Image 12

    CNC machining is stronger and more reliable to produce high-quality products as they use computerized controls to operate machines and provide excellent finishing.

    Why to Choose BLUE's CNC Machining Parts?

    Most importantly, BLUE MACHINES is an authorized CNC manufacturing company that supplies CNC accuracy machining for a wide scope of materials, including plastic, aluminium, copper, ABS, POM, treated steel, steel, and numerous others in China.

    The turning, prototyping, preparing, and processing measure make exact and great CNC machining parts. As BLUE MACHINE consistently focuses on computer-operated tools rapid cutting instruments. Our all ventures are made using Auto CAD and Pro-E programming for a long time ago run.

    CNC Drilling Video Image

    Successful Projects by BLUE MACHINES - Leading Machining Parts Manufacturer in China

    Machining Parts For Shock Absorber Image 1
    Shock Absorber
    BLUE MACHINES designs shock damper and wheel adapters with high precision performance is attribute of manufacturing factory in China.
    Machining Parts For Car Tuning Image 2
    ATV Car
    CNC components are design with core aluminum CNC material, milling parts and CNC machined by tuning, prototyping process.
    Machining Parts For Gear Box Image 3
    Gear Box
    Gear box is one of high quality product manufactured by BLUE machine in aluminum CNC milling parts with tight tolerance and great precision.
    Machining Parts For Media Display Image 6
    Media Display
    The media display was design with aluminum 6061-T5 material and processed by 3 axis machining.
    GYM Jump Rope
    GYM Jump Rope was developed for UK client, in which each CNC machining parts and milling components was handled weight up to 600g.
    Machining Parts For Medical Devices Image 8
    Medical Devices
    The medical device box is a complete model from a strong aluminium crude material; all appearances are developed and control the equal and vertical by high-accuracy and precision CNC machining.
    Machining Parts For Motor Image 7
    Wiper Motor
    CNC prototyping is machined by CNC prototyping; the concentricity needs to be checked by CMM before their delivery.
    Machining Parts For Engineering Hook Image 8
    Engineering Hook
    The engineering hook was developed in 2014 by BLUE MACHINES, most of aluminium CNC drilling, CNC prototyping, and CNC machining parts by 3, 4 axis machining center.

    Leading CNC Drilling Services Providers In China

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    CNC Machining Parts China
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    Machining Parts China
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    CNC Machining Parts Supplier
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    CNC Machining Parts Importers
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    CNC Machining Parts Manufacturer
    China CNC Machining Parts Manufacturer Image 6
    China CNC Machining Parts Manufacturer
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    Machining Parts Manufacturers
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    Machining Parts Suppliers
    Machining Parts Cert 1
    BV Audited Supplier
    Machining Parts Cert 2
    ISO 9001: 2015 Certificate
    Machining Parts Cert 3
    SGS Approved Factory
    Machining Parts Production Flow Image 1
    Machining Parts Production Flow Image 2
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    Machining Parts Process Control Image 3
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    Machining Parts Process Control Image 5
    Machining Parts Process Control Image 6
    Aluminum Copper Stainless Steel Alloy Steel Titanium Plastic
    2024 Copper 101 SAE 201 20# Steel
    (SAE 1020)
    CP4 (Grade 1) UPE
    5052 Brass C260 SAE 303 45# Steel
    (SAE 1045)
    CP3 (Grade 2) POM
    6061 Copper C110 SAE 304 SAE 1215 CP2  (Grade 3) PA66
    6063 Bronze C932
    (SAE 660)
    SAE 316L 40Cr
    (SAE 5140)
    CP1 (Grade 4) PP
    7050 Brass H59-2
    (UNS 35300)
    SAE 430 SAE 4130 TC4 (Grade 5) ON
    7075 Brass H62
    (UNS C28000)
    SAE 440 42CrMo
    (SAE 4140)
    Grade 6 PETE
    Brass HPb63-3
    (UNS 34500)
    (SAE 630)
    (SAE 1065)
    Grade 7 ABS
    A380 SAF 2205 20CrNiMo
    (SAE 8620)
    Grade 11
    Machining Parts For Dolz Logo 1
    Machining Parts For Rowa Logo 2
    Machining Parts For Honda Logo 3
    Machining Parts For Trico Logo 4
    Machining Parts For Concentric Logo 5
    Machining Parts For GKN Logo 6

    Customized Machining Parts Manufactured by BLUE in China

    BLUE MACHINE is a main CNC machining parts organization by keeping up its norm and giving high accuracy mechanical machining components to its clients. Our capable work and very compelling tooling structure ensure the collecting of high-precision machining parts.

    The turning, prototyping, handling, and gathering measures make exact and amazing machining CNC segments. You can take our preparing, machining, and prototyping CNC parts at the best expense with speedy track shipment.

    BLUE machining parts provide high precision as robust 3, 4, and 5-axis milling machines, lathes, and routers design the necessary features to balance all the functions.

    You can find a moment solution on high-accuracy metal, plastic and modest CNC machining parts within 8 hours. We make an honest effort to convey astounding quality items according to your suggestions.

    Our proactive worker can send your RFQ within 24 hours or less. Whenever you can reach us we are available.

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